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Artist: Alishas Attic
Song Title: Air We Breathe
Genre: Pop
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The galaxy is open
So paint me on your right hand
And lets fly off Superman-style
Itll be so good
Ill never look back

With every bit of breath I take
My thoughts say I want you
And theres nothing I can do
To control these natural instincts
If youre ready we can take it
To the heights

And the air we breathe will take us
The air we breathe
And no the loneliness wont break us
Coz all we need is the air we breathe
The air we breathe

Apollos turned and twisted
(Oh my God!)
As you take me in your arms tonight
O, it feels so quiet in turbulent times

So I think Ill build a stairway
And like a Roman in your heart
I will climb and we can start
To journey on past all these satin sheets
And lift it past all of our control
(Repeat Chorus)

Look up to the sky and ask yourself why
Coz this enchanted evening wouldnt get you any higher
Will the colours fade on all the crimson hearts we made?
And broken them before so its time to take a flight
(Repeat Chorus to fade)

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