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Artist: Alkaholiks Tha
Alkaholiks Tha Author
Album: 21 and Over (1993)
Alkaholiks Tha - 21 and Over Album
Song Title: Mary Jane
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Verse One: J-Ro
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane
You're always in my brain and you help me ease the pain
Cuz when you're not around I just don't feel the same
I can't be your one and only but I know you're not to blame
I never hold ya can't hold ya won't hold ya down
Cuz you got that kind of love that needs to be spread around
Some people don't approve of me being with ya kiddo
They say you're bad for me, and my momma says ditto
When I walk up witcha, my buddies wanna hit cha
I know you been with others but you know I'll never quit ya
And even though sometimes you got my mind stressed out
I'm in this with you baby and you got my body stretched out
Mary Mary Mary Jane
["So put that in your pipe and smoke it" -- Pharcyde]
Check it out
Verse Two: J-Ro
Early in the morning, you gave me a buzz
I picked up the phone and didn't know who the fuck it was
I feel like Johnny Gill I wanna wrap your body tight
Lick you from head to toe and watch you glow like a Lite Brite
I met you at the park around three
When I got there you was loungin in the car with my homey
He said he needed a dub so I slipped him one
And said "C'mon Mary Jane and let's have a little fun"
I got you in the sack, I got you in the sack
And like Helen tellin Jack, there's no turnin back
She's the queen of the ghetto, ask my buddy Tom
Mary Jane is the bomb, Mary Jane
Yeah, do you love me, do you love me
Mary Jane Mary Jane, do you love me, do you love me
D-Pimp in the house, Homicide in the house
And in love with Mary Jane
Verse Three: Tash
Mary Mary, why you got me buggin?
Look what the homies done drug in... (Mary Jane)
Prettier than any model
I met her at a house party sippin on a bottle
Her dress has got a nice fit I'm locked like a vise grip
She's the type I'd like to spend the rest of my life with
I would if I could but I know I can't support her
Can't take her on vacation, wouldn't make it past the border
When she ain't around I get the feeling that I need her
Mary Jane be acting white but I ain't caught the jungle fever
But she be so thin that I could slip her in my pocket
I lick her then I knock it till I'm higher than a rocket
Whenever she's in the same room with my friends
They all trip because she's dope and she don't want me for my ends
So just to make em jealous when she walks up to me
I reach out and grab her by the booty, Mary Jane
Mary Jane Mary Jane
Mary Jane Mary Jane
Verse Four: Tash
My eyes are red, but not from cryin
Whenever Mary Jane runs out, I sit there sighin
Sayin to myself,
"When oh when will Mary Jane come back
Where oh where can I find Mary at..."
["Wear your hat" -- KRS, cut and scratched by
E-Swift to resemble "Where you at" in the mix]
I jump into my Benz and start my search all through the hood
Cuz all the spots she used to hang in ain't up to no good
But needless to say, I kept lookin and I found her
Right on the corner of Central and Allandra
I picked her up quick and in a hurry
And then all of a sudden the undercover swooped in flurries
I said, "Hold up! Don't shoot. I know this looks like a kidnap;
but all I want to do is get my Mary Jane back."
They took me to the station, giving me some sation
and some jib about leaving Mary Jane at the crib
They let me go but they kept her, because they had a bounty
On her cuz she's wanted from here to Humboldt County
(I left with a frown cuz Mary Jane was locked down)
Once again I had lost my best friend

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