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Artist: All 4 One
All 4 One Author
Song Title: We Dedicate
Genre: Pop
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jesus loves me this i know
he gave his life to let me know
how ever far that i may stray
he's only just a friend

jesus loves me i can say
he watches me both night and day
he show's his love
in many ways
and to him this is why i pray

jesus loves me he's my friend
he's been with me through thick and thin
and i sing this song to praise his name
for blessing me time and time again

jesus loves me this i sing
he blessed me with my family
a love so strong, a love so deep
that i only could here today

yes, jesus loves me
yes, jesus loves me
yes, jesus loves me
for the bible tell's me so

lord we dedicate
our heart's and our lives
our lives and song to (thank you father) me

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