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Artist: All Thats Left
Song Title: Please
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Don't bat your eyes for anyone else
That's all I asked of you that night before you went away from me
The one you left out here alone.
Don't be surprised when I show up at three am to collect
My socks and my underwear I left mistakenly the night before

Never thought I could be something that I'm not, with or without you
And even though I tried to be something else
it got me far from you

Don't be so shocked when you come out to find your boyfriends tires
Withered, flattened, emptied just like my heart deflated by your hand
Don't be so pissed when you wake up to my obscene phone calls
The rocks against your window pounding just like my heart inside my chest

Never thought I could be something that I'm not, with or without you
And even though I tried to be something else it got me far from you

Never thought I could
Be something that I'm not
Even though I tried
It's harder than I thought (x2)

Don't bat your eyes for anyone else
That's all you had to do for me instead you chose the road
The one that took you far away from me

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