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Artist: Almadrava
Song Title: A Mermaids Tale
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I have nobody for a conversation,
it might be pretty normal in my situation.
I?m in the ocean, floating under burning sun,
completely alone and trying to find someone.

I hear a song, it?s like a prayer.
This melody shows me the way.
It carries me like the wind, a feather,
and in the nights it?s a shining ray.

Everytime louder, I can hear you sing your song.
I just hope I?ll find you after so long.
I?m nearly fainting, I go on the blink.
It?s fun, so much water and not one drop to drink.

I hear a song?

I still remember when I left the ship.
The ones I love, they were all asleep.
No-one believed me, cause they couldn?t hear you,
they must be trying to find, where I was going to.

I heard a song, it was like a prayer.
This melody was sung for me.
It carried me like the wind, a feather,
and now I am drowning in the sea.

I hear a song, it?s like?

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