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Artist: Alt
Song Title: 17 Shots
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Verse: 1

17 shots in my clip
I m rolling through my hood muthafuckas dont trip
Then I saw the Liquor Store where they shot lil Joe,
hanging out the window, puffin on some Indo.
The owners on his knees and he s out in the front
Cleaning up the blood from lil Joe, I dropped my blunt.
All Joe wanted was a 6-pack of Bud, but the owners fingers
Now my homies in the Mud.
I pulled out my nine, without even thinking.
Plus I was high as a kite and I ve been drinking.
Only three blocks from the police station
but I pulled the trigger three times no hesitation.
As I sped away I put the Nine at my hip
I only got 14 shots in my clip, Now.
The cops was on my ass in Bout a minute
It s all about a foot game I knows I m gonna win it.

I m hopping over walls, dodging little dogs
Then I got ghost like a phantom in the fog
I m hiding in the bushes, Shooting at the coppers
Then I took five shots, I m hiding from the lights on the
and I know I m facing death, I made it to my hina s pad nine
shots left.

Chorus: x2

It s a trip, betta not slip
just a little story about a gloc 9 clip

Verse: 2

I m the type of Vato that never had a good day
I gotta watch my back when I creep through my hood, ey!
I woke up in the morning, I m next to my hina
Baby wake up Yo!, and then I got behind her
You should of seen that ass, I was just about to pound it
Then I heard the cops say 'We got the place surrounded'
'Come out with your hands up son'
Then I broke the window with the butt of my gun.
I fired at the cops (blast, blast,... blast, blast)
I used up four of my shots
I got the gloc 17 with the hollow points
fuck these mutha fuckas so

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