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Artist: Altar
Altar Author
Album: Youth Against Christ (1994)
Altar - Youth Against Christ Album
Song Title: Cross The Bridge Of False Prophecies
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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You stepped into my life - And made me blind
So blind to see - That I am one of a kind
You refused to hear - My reasons why
Don't you want to see - That you're one big lie

Your prophecies
That lied to me
Could not exist

My self respect
That you reject
Will always exist

You pray to gods, they can't help me
To find a so called dignity
To trust in words, from a book
Written by those who distort the truth

Your preaching shit
That lies to me
Can never exist

No gods above myself - My soul is free of them
No Christianity - To make my life complete
To make my life complete
To make my life complete
You've lied to me!!!

There is darkness in my eyes
A bleeding hate that pumps my veins
My egoist thoughts give me strength
To leave your Christian purity
And burn your church in agony
When I get free of my blind rage

Cross the bridge of false prophecies
Cross the bridge of false prophecies

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