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Artist: Alvin The Chipmunks
Song Title: My Mother
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It?s hard to remember,
Summer, or winter,
When she hasn?t been there for me.

A friend and companion,
I can always depend on,
My mother,
That?s who I mean.

I?ve taken, for granted,
The seeds that she?s planted,
She?s always behind, everything.

A teacher, a seeker,
A both arms out reacher
My mother,
That?s who I mean.

?Wish I could slow down,
The hands, of time,
Keep things the way,
They are?,

If she said so,
?I would give up the world,
If I could?
I would?.

?My love and my laughter,
From here ever after,?
Is all that she says,
That she means.

A friend and companion,
I can always depend on,
My mother,
That?s who I mean.

My mother,
That?s who I mean.

That?s who I mean.

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