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Artist: Amanda Marshall
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Colleen (I saw him first)-amanda marshall

Let me tell you about colleen / my best friend since I was three

She always had a taste for dangerous things / her scandalous tongue was extreme

I was always the one left holding the bag / smiling and covering her tracks

Best friends, they always do that / she was the first one to smoke a cigarette

She once let me watch her make love / it was the kind of balance made by kings

She took it all, but left me some / I guess I always thought that shed have my


But it didnt work out like that / the moment I laid eyes on jack


It was my time it was my space / it was the bright red he brought to my face

Every underdog has their day / sorry it hurts / but colleen, I saw him first

It all happened on a thursday / he backed his car right into mine

"there are no accidents", my mother told me once / my heart agreed with her

This time

Colleen jumped out of the car, screaming / "what have you done? !

Jack offered apologies / I just got weak in the knees


It was my time it was my space / it was the bright red he brought to my face

Every underdog has their day / sorry it hurts / but colleen, I saw him first

The minute that youre in it / you know theres no turning back

Like me and my jack / a funny thing

To feel the weight of the pendulum swing / when it starts to swing

Colleen, armed with charm and body / still couldnt take my man

Last I heard, she was in rehab / I guess that scale got outta hand

Covered from head to toe in coloured tattoos / searching for higher views /

Hungry for I love yous


It was my time it was my space / it was the bright red he brought to my face

Every underdog has their day / sorry it hurts / but colleen, I saw him first

Colleen, I saw him first

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