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Artist: Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall Author
Album: Tuesday's Child (1999)
Amanda Marshall - Tuesday
Song Title: Too Little Too Late
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Tuesday night - 7:30
I hear a voice on the telephone
Doin' fine - then it hits me
The voice that i am hearing means you're not alone
I thought it would be easy but it's not
And now i would give all that i've got

But it's too little too late
No going back to the start
You only lose when you hesitate
And now that i would give you my heart
It's too little too late

Two more weeks - i start to wonder
If what i'm missing's really worth these tears
What's the point - you've found another
And i just keep on talking but you just can't hear
You swore you'd wait forever and a day
I never thought i'd live to hear you say

So mad about me
You couldn't live
Without me
Now you say you're moving on
I took the long way
I told you maybe someday
I guess i made you wait too long

I know i've only got myself to blame
And i've still got my pride but just the same

It's just too little too late
No going back to the start
You only lose when you hesitate
And now i wanna give you my heart
And now you tell me

That it's too little too late
No going
Back to the start
You only lose when
You hesitate
And now that i would give you my heart
It's too little too late
Too little
Too late

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