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Artist: Ambeon
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Song Title: Beautiful Red
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Beautiful red
beautiful red blood is leaving my veins
running out of my hands
dripping on the floor
I'm bleeding and it feels good
like my release finally arrived
beautiful red is surrounding me
no threats, no fears, just free at last

beautiful red blood is fading to black
no I cannot see, I'm losing my life
beautiful red is all I can see
suffocating, I cannot breath
falling, I cannot stand
no regrets, facing my death

beautiful red
dripping down

drip drip, losing my beautiful red
just a body dripping to death, just a soul, finding it's way
no regrets, I'll see my friends again

beautiful red blood is what I've seen
pain in my life is what I've felt
hate for stupid is what I've shown
I lived my life and now I'm gone

beautiful red
dripping down

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