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Artist: American Culture eXperiments
Song Title: Talk
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Everywhere around us someone's got something to say
Isolated outbursts but nothing goes away
Everyday you hear the words of destruction and fear
Always spreading our opinions
Without the willingness to hear

All this noise about nothing, drowning the meaning of it all
Outside this oral defecation the world is an empty stall
"Injustice over here! Hatred over there!"
Talk talk talk but the sin is everywhere!

Words words words...All we have are these?
Can we feed them to the poor or with them heal disease?
Talk talk talk...Is that all we will do?
Sacrifice ourselves we must go die for what is true

Take in information through the lenses you create
Never do a thing about the things you say you hate
Surround yourself with people who say what you want to hear
What keeps you from action is it selfishness or fear?
Talk about injustice do we really want it gone
It takes more than a zine or writing lyrics to a song
Scapegoat the middleclass if it covers up your guilt
No conviction penetrates the fortress you have built

Every night we go to sleep, Homeless sleeping in the street,
Molested children in their homes, Millionaires in beds alone.
It will take more than our disembodied ideas;
More than hard music and counter cultural fashion.
A disjointed community stands no chance
Against multinational and inner super powers.

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