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Artist: American Head Charge
American Head Charge Author
Album: The War Of Art (2001)
American Head Charge - The War Of Art Album
Song Title: Pushing The Envelope
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an overwhelming understanding
of chaos brings you to your knees
impurities make me the way that I am
the dirt in my veins
the games on my thoughts
the stains on your face
they break it apart
pushing the envelope
life sets me off
pushing the envelope
hate gets me off
pushing the envelope
gets me off
pushing the envelope
your face it sets me off
Im curled up inside myself so
I wont imagine the pictures
If I had prosthetic eyes I still
think that Id see the same
satisfy retribution inside
subsequent afternoons turning out seared
bothered by fallacies everyones scared

pushing the envelope
life sets me off
pushing the envelope
hate gets me off
pushing the envelope
gets me off
pushing the envelope
your face it sets me off [2x]

killing myself like a tool in wrong
disquieting changes in direction
just keep on pushing

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