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Artist: American Music Club
Song Title: Ex-girlfriend
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Your ex-girlfriend told me you were having a bad time
Day-to-day life shouldn't be what it's all about
Day-to-day life is something we all know too much about
I guess you got no one to take care of you

Your ex-girlfriend told me you spent all yesterday crying
Hey i didn't know things were going so bad for you
Maybe you're just trying to get her to come back to you
Or work your way out of the cynical attitudes
That protect you
Bad habits make our decisions for us
You should try remember
All you're holding is a handful of dust

It's not even closing time
And already stars are falling out of the sky
You're all lit up, you gotta do something
I'll help you try

Your ex-girlfriend told me you spent all yesterday crying
Now do you believe the stories
When you're life's not buying
I guess you got no one to take care of you

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