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Artist: Amie Comeaux
Song Title: Blue
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(larry cordle/larry shell)

Blue, i was beginning to think i'd always be
Blue, skies never seemed to follow me
True, love i never thought i'd find
Blue, was in these eyes of mine

You came along just as i was fallin'
Then i found myself fallin' in love with you
I can't remember back then
To the time when i was lonely
Oh thanks to you i'm no longer blue

New, that's how i'm feelin' like i'm your special one
Two, hearts learning to love we've just begun
I'm through, with the past that's all behind me now
Blue, not this time around

You came along just as i was fallin'
Then i found myself fallin' in love with you
I can't remember back then
To the time when i was lonely
Oh thanks to you i'm no longer blue

Oh thanks to you i'm no longer blue

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