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Artist: Amos Lee
Amos Lee Author
Album: All My Friends (2005)
Amos Lee - All My Friends Album
Song Title: All My Friends
Genre: Pop
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All my friends
They all live in pain
Longing for the warmth of childhood to bring them home again
All my friends
They got broken hearts
And if the world?s a stage we?re searching for our parts

We?ll face the winds that break the strongest of trees
Beckon for the sweet soft summer breeze

All my friends
They got broken wings
Never will you hear them asking why the caged bird sings
All my friends
They know how to live
Oh, so much sorrow and so much love to give

We?ll face the winds that break the strongest of trees
Beckon for the sweet soft summer breeze
Now we all know that the storm is coming
Every body wants to know which way to go
I see the crowds a running
The wind?s gonna blow

All my friends are dear to me
Oh when the storm comes they?re as close as family
All my friends are the ones I choose
Oh, if I hear them knockin?
You know I can?t refuse

We?ll face the winds that break the strongest of trees
Beckon for the sweet soft summer breeze

All my friends

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