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Artist: An Pierl
Song Title: Hi
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He said hi, he said, how do you do?
I say, you dont care so why do you ask?
He said, jesus what's wrong with you?
I said, the mood is on fire
He said, I only try to be polite
I said you should have come before
He said, hey lets start all over again, this conversation is getting way out of line
I said, you started it remember?
He said, hey dont bite my nose
I said, I'm sorry!
He said, I only said hi

I said, yeah, I guess I sometimes overreact
He said, I seem to remember that
I said, look whos starting it all over again!
He said, oh no we ?????
I said, go fuck your brains Professor Pseudo
He said, I started from here. He said, I said hi

I said, oh baby you still as starring as before
He said, maybe the ladys having a period.
I said whatever next!
I said, and as a matter of fact!
He said, I know you dont think youre overreacting,
And I said, and then another thing, there are different ways of saying hi

So I said hello, I said, how do you do?
He said, fine Im having a great time!
I said, oh Im happy for you!
He said what exactly do you mean?
I said, nothing I only said hi

He said, youre doing it on purpose,
I said, no look my nose is bleeding
He said, okay, lets just presume I believe you
I said, baby cut the crap
He said, baby youre a bitch!
And then I slapped him in the face and I said, go and annoy somebody else,

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