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Artist: An Pierle
Song Title: Once Again
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I've never done anything strange
I'm just alive
I never got nowhere great
By surprise
All I do is silly things
With my life
I'm sorry already but
I think I'll survive
I have to walk
Though I'm gonna fall down again
The same as always
But I stay tough
Hope I'm gonna rise and remain
To swim trough the rain

Once again (x2)

It's nice to see the girls swirl
Like flies around you
You say you don't notice, but
Well, I'm sure you do
And it's funny to see your father
Grow physically through you
You say you want action but
You've got too much to lose
If you don't choose to
How are you gonna fall down again
And learn something, oh
Life's insane
Hope you're gonna rise and remain
To swim through the rain

Once again (x2)

My mummy said
You get your head
Sorted out
It's for the best
My mummy said
Girl get your head
sorted out
It's for the best
My mummy said
Girl get your head
Sort yourself out
Before it's too late and there's no one around

Once again (x2)

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