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Artist: Andi Deris
Andi Deris Author
Album: [1997] Coming from The Rain (0)
Andi Deris - [1997] Coming from The Rain Album
Song Title: They Wait
Genre: Metal
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There's a modern religion
Proclaiming the pain
Promising immortal wonders
They steal His power
Disparage His name
Turn the Holy Words to thunder
We don't know where they gp from here
But in the dark they wait

They are fallen believers
Betrayed in their faith
By the church war from the true God
They turn old secrets
No nowadays lies
Pushing us to praise the new lord
We don't know where they go form here
But in the dark they wait
They wait

They abuse your illusions
They know 'bout your dreams
Take advantage of your frustrations
They spread their fever
Quiet and mean
Recruiting trusting new retrievers

We don't know where they go form here
But in the dark they wait
They wait
In the dark they wait
They wait
One day they're coming
Theirs is the time
One day they're coming
They wait
They wait
They wait
In the dark they wait

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