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Artist: Andre Nickatina
Andre Nickatina Author
Song Title: July the 4th
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How should I start? I'm so confused
By now I'm sure you heard the news
Cats I got workin' on the block,
Got a plot for me to stop
In my heart, I can't even say they wrong
Cuz in the game all the playas sing the same song

I have seen cats do back flips when the bullets hit
Had to go and bring Jesus in they life
Counterfeit to the pulpit
But anyway

I'm so loved and hated 'round the community
My mother wonder what money, drugs can do to me
I swear to God, I seen the Devil in my bag of weed
Where you live, I might freeze,
Gotta get this cheese
Cats is makin' side deals with these other dealers
And slappin' five with a player
Man, like I'm they nigga

I paged Nickatina, he didn't call me back
He must be on tour, but I'm not sure
But once again, it's July the 4th
And once again
God I'm goin' to war, for sure

"There's gonna be fighting,
And somebody's gonna get hurt, that's for sure"

.... "And everything we worked for will be wiped out
And I don't think we can let that happen,
I mean that makes sense"

Man I taught these cats how to move this coke
Taught these cats about the weed they smoke
Took they mind from bein' broke
Now they wanna have me smoked?

My woman said to me, 'her or my friends?'
I said my friends cuz we bowed our ends
She said, nigga please
Them muthafuckas is ya enemies
Baby I love you but I gots ta leave
Because you don't sleep
Some nights man, you don't even eat
Smokin' weed, nigga,
Runnin' the streets
But check it, I don't complain

I hate the fact her face is stuck in my brain
It's like razors just to hear her name
Put that on double glocks
The beef is burnin' every tick of the clock
Even the rain won't stop the plot

Got a page from Nickatina
But right when I was 'bout to call him back
My windshield had suddenly cracked,
from the impact
Gave shotty, glass half cut off my body
I can recognize the shooter,
It was little Shotty
And I gave that muthafucka, yea his name,
He tryna' to take a cat out the game

Yo, I'm full of blood (?)
You know bullets give you hot love
I go in shock from the heat of the slug
I think I'm 'bout to die

This is my last time to testify
And after that there was no reply
Put that on double glocks (Shit)

"What did you say your name was again?"
"I didn't"

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