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Artist: Andre Nickatina
Andre Nickatina Author
Album: Khanthology Cocaine Raps 1992-2005 (cd1) (2006)
Andre Nickatina - Khanthology Cocaine Raps 1992-2005 (cd1) Album
Song Title: Nickatina Says
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Chorus:Andre Nickatina

Nickatina says cast ya votes
Tell all the freaks, yeah grab ya coats
Tell all the nerds, yeah take some notes
And R&B niggas, ya'll clear your throats
Nickatina been at since 11
Got me a spot up in gang bang heaven
My mother use ta say that I was like a little reverend
That's why they call me God # 7

I like birds cause I'm a hawk
Try to clown me hoe and I'ma walk
Rockin ya party is my favorite part
Did it for an hour and I didn't even talk (bitch)
Nickatina is like simon says
Dips in his whip like simon says
Make some chips like simon says
Smoke a lil weed in the back with the dreads (yo)
I take pride in smellin fly
Baby ain't no tellin why I blaze
I sport Chuck Taylor's twice a week
Gotta keep an ear out on the streets
Man I'm kinda high
You said, who got beef ?
Do niggas take advice from these nasty freaks (yeah)
Did you see the cold steel ?
Homey that shit'll make you cold for real
Even though it's hot when its bout to hit
Hot enough to make a bastard do a flip
What you know about geto cheese ?
All she heard on the phone was "nigga please" (click)
I'm like an ice cream truck
Veins get cold when I cut this blunt
Nothin but fire tiga in my path
And nah man you can't have no autograph


Nickatina says bust back first
And by any means necessary don't get hurt
The five millimeter go good with the nina
Just like raps go good with Nickatina
Nickatina says lace ya boots
Real drug style Armani suits
Check this out baby, I'm tell the truth
You'se a freak and not that cute, hoe
I kick back like expensive wine and spit paragraphs all the test of time
It's just like ya found a treasure chest with mines
Repeat, (then) nigga
Andre is like the moon
Come out after six tiga ready to boom (move)
It aint no thang to me
Easy as pie, can you hang with me (I'm fast)
I mix up like Ron Barcardi
Talk and walk and smoke weed at the party
Gamble on yourself for about two g''s
Im eatin water melon way juicy, fuck it
Check it out I get blunted on top
livin like an anvil ready to drop (playa)


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