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Artist: Andreas Johnson
Song Title: Shine
Genre: Pop
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Sister my head of creation
On the last train leaving the station
We got vast love, no destination
Tonight we will be forever baby
Sister, my head resistance
Tonight we will be together
There are strange gods ahead in the distance
On a fast trip to another existence
Tonight we'll be together
We will always shine
Shine on forever, shine on whatever
Shine like a million star
We shine
Shine on forever
We're in this together now
Shine like a million star we shine
Sister we got a connection
It's the last dance, the final injection
You are my way out
My head of direction and
I don't wanna lose you baby,
I don't wanna lose you baby,
Tonight we will be together,
We will always shine,
Shine on forever, shine on whatever,
Shine like a million star
We shine
Shine on forever
We're in this together now
Shine like a million star
We shine we shine
Sister in a moment we'll be gone
Sister in a second we will be one
Sister we're helplessly falling
Tonight we will be together
We will always?shine
Shine on forever, shine on whatever,
Shine like a million star
We shine
Shine on forever
We're in this together now
Shine like a million star
We shine, shine together
Shine, shine forever

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