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Artist: Andres Esteche
Song Title: Bad Temptation
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I?ve got a call from the flat next-door
One time
Two times
It?s an awful a canning nor
A bad temptation
In the once so I?m back for more
One time
Two times
Knock, knock
At my door
The bad temptation
Tonight, tonight

Take me off now
I knew your face
Shake me off now
The nothing save you
Can burn like a sun
God I needed time
A bad temptation
Take me off now
I knew your face
Shake me off now
Nothing save now
I?m flat and I?m send by a wacky ill
Bad temptation

Again you live with the barrow of the pain
One time
A two times
You keep me up, for within my brain
A bad temptation
Your trip banned over me
One time
A two times
You play a game then you walk away
A bad temptation
Tonight, tonight

REF: It?s so up now, temptation
( X 3)

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