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Artist: Anne Hvidsten
Song Title: Some kind of angel
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Hold me, I'm crying, I'm walking away from what's safe today
why is it so hard to let go when it's the right thing to do
why am I so scared to face the uncertainty
false is preferred over reality

I'm just one heartbeat away
now I am playing with danger
I am walking astray
still I am some kind of angel
some kind of angel to you

Hate me, don't love me, don't beg me, don't ask me to stay
blame me and judge me, don't forgive me, don't make me your prey
'cause I'm not a treasure to cling and hold on to
I'm like a bird in a cage, let me fly away
please just let me fly away

I'm just one heartbeat away
now I am playing with danger
I am walking astray
still I am some kind of angel
some kind of angel to you

Hear my words, I don't wanna be here
hear my words, I don't wanna be here, oh no

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