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Artist: Ant Banks
Song Title: Clownin With the Crew
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It goes one for the bitches, two for the town
Three for the busters, so get up everybody cause be bout to clown

[Ant Banks]
Yeah, here it is, playa, slump for your trunk
Turn it up and let it bump, straight gangsta funk
For your ass, coming, straight outta Oakland
The city where you get your wig split wide open
Known to most, from coast to coast
As the city of macks and Short Dog's the host
So everybody make way for the dangerous crew
And what we came to do is spit game at you

[Rappin' Ron]
The Rappin' Ron from the motherfucking Dangerous Crew
Nigga duck when I buck cause I'm aiming at you
Cause you know I point my gat at, whoever that I'm mad at
I'm coming from the town so you know I ain't gonna have that
Nigga talking crazy motherfucker
I think you'd better duck and watch a young brother buck a
Nigga in his ass bone cause you can't last long
When I got my mask on I gotta get my blast on
I'm just a gangsta, nigga, you know that I be coming tight
I fucks it up every time that I grabs a mic
My name is Rappin' Ron, I'm one that you can trap and con
Cause now I'm finna hit the four and get me a fat sack of bomb

[Pee Wee]
Like that, crack another sack and let me back up off this yak
And show these playa-hating niggas how to act
Tricks sit back cause I ain't with you bitches tugging on my testicles
You ain't no bitch, you must be fucking homosexual
Hanging on some blueballs, you're on my dick when you call
I told y'all nigga screwballs, you're going like a Ru Pauls
And I ain't got time to listen to rhymes
I'm trying to find, a top of the line bitches
Behind me and you can't grind
So when you're trying to find the number to th

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