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Artist: Anthony Marc
Anthony Marc Author
Album: Los Grandes Exitos: Desde Un Principio (0)
Anthony Marc - Los Grandes Exitos: Desde Un Principio Album
Song Title: No Me Ames
Genre: Pop
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with Jennifer Lopez.

Dime porque lloras
de felicidad
y porque te ahogas
por la soledad
di porque me tomas
fuerte asi, mis manos
y tus pensamientos
te van llevando

Yo te quiero tanto
y porque sera
loco testarudo
no lo dudes mas
aunque en el futuro
haya un muro enorme
yo no tengo miedo
quiero enamorarme

No me ames
porque pienses
que parezco diferente
tu no piensas que es lo justo
ver pasar el tiempo juntos

No me ames
que comprendo
la mentira que seria
Si tu amor no merezco
no me ames
mas quedate otro dia

No me ames
porque estoy perdido
porque cambie el mundo
porque es el destino
porque no se puede
somos un espejo
y tu asi serias
lo que yo de mi reflejo

No me ames
para estar muriendo
dentro de una guerra
llena de arrepentimientos
No me ames
para estar en tierra
quiero alzar el vuelo
con tu gran amor
por el azul del cielo

No se que decirte
esa es la verdad
si la gente quiere
sabe lastimar

Tu y yo partiremos
ellos no se mueven
pero en este cielo
sola no me dejes

No me dejes, no me dejes
no me eschuches
si te digo no me ames
no me dejes, no desarmes
mi corazon con ese no me ames

No me ames, te lo ruego
mi amargura dejame
sabes bien, que no puedo
que es inutil
que siempre te amare

No me ames
pues te hare sufrir
con este corazon que
se lleno de mil inviernos
no me ames
para asi olvidarte
de tus dias grises
quiero que me ames
solo por amarme

No me ames
tu y yo volaremos
uno con el otro
y seguiremos siempre juntos
este amor es como el sol que sale
tras de la tormenta
como dos cometas
en la misma estela

No me ames
No me ames
No me ames

No, no me ames
No me ames
No me ames
No me ames

Why are you crying?

Because I'm happy

Why are you so choked up?

From loneliness

Why are you squeezing
my hand so tight
And your mind seems to be wandering

I love you so much!


Don't be so hard-headed
Stop doubting me!
It doesn't matter what the future holds
I'm not afraid
I just want to love you

Don't love me
because you think I'm different

You don't think it's right for us
to spend this time together?

Don't love me because I know
what a lie it would be!

If you don't think I deserve your love
then don't love me
I'm going to stay...

Don't love me because I'm lost
because I change the world
because it's destiny
because this is impossible
We are like a mirror image of each other
we are one and the same

Don't love me to be dying
in a war of regret
Don't love me to hold me back
I want to rise above
this love deserves to soar through the sky

I don't know what to say
That's the truth
When people want to
they can really hurt you

If you and I part now
it won't matter to anyone else
In this big world
don't leave me all alone

Don't leave me...don't leave me
Don't listen when I say don't love me

Don't leave me
Stop breaking my heart with that
Don't love me

Don't love me, I'm begging you to leave

You know very well I can't do that
It's useless, I'll always love you

Don't love me
I'll only make you suffer
my heart has turned cold with this

Don't love me
to run away from your sadness
I want you to love me
because you love me

Don't love me
One day we'll soar with each other
and be together forever

This love is like the sun
that comes out after a terrible storm

Like two comets in the same galaxy

Don't love me

Don't love me

Don't love me

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