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Artist: Apocalyptica
Apocalyptica Author
Album: Cult (Special Edition) (2001)
Apocalyptica - Cult (Special Edition) Album
Song Title: Path, Vol.2
Genre: Metal: Gothic
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i want to live in fire
with all the taste i desire
it's all good if you let me dive
with some sharks on the ground

you lose your routine
you lose your routine
cause i found my path

what the hell are you trying
now i know there is something more
what happened to you
still staying on my path
are you still denying
now i know there is something more
that this is the truth

it's all in you

what do you came for; what did you expect to find
what do you life for; what did you expect to find (x3)

so boundless i feel
and boundless all my fears
stop running back to old times

you lose your routine...
cause i found my path

(chorus) x2

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