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Artist: Apoptygma Berzerk
Apoptygma Berzerk Author
Album: Starsign (2000)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Starsign Album
Song Title: Kathys Song
Genre: Alternative
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wut the fuck bitchies trying to diz me
busting bulltez at me in my bensie
while sip sip on hennisee
why cuz i gave your babys mama pleaseing of her
fantacy. so dont me mad at me be mad at yo self
for not being the right size your to little
unable to work the middle
hey dildo dildo emeinem sucked his dildo
can u guess dis riddle you penis brital
laughing as i heckle
i'm da neckcutter and i'm 3 blocks away
here to blooden yo day smoking gettin fazed
when can i get blazzed fuck dr dre
that little bitch shug planning to kill his bitch ass. ... oh shit like i just said that
biff dat how u like dat

my name is da a p o q olyxz (o-lics)
u can suck my dick
if u not down wit apoqolyxz (apocolics)

this is my last fucking verse cuz i feel i dont want to make a third cuz da bird bird bird ,bird is da word shut the fuck up fucking eat big terd
my shit is upswerd word to that i'm finshing this on the apoqolyxz bitch'z luv to suck my dick
as i lick dey clit'z got my bottem lip bounce off dem tits eat shit and die i dont know why
i used to be so shy then i turned carry on this mudda fucka now u catch me fucking some ones mutha
i'm da mexican brotha i'm da holy trinity
fafilling your olda sisters fantacy
i'm a perverted freak i walk around in da street with a 2 litter stuck in my left buttcheak


it'z apoq mutha fucka!!!!!

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