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Artist: April Wine
April Wine Author
Album: Harder Faster (1979)
April Wine - Harder Faster Album
Song Title: Tonite
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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(myles goodwyn)
Published by goody two tunes, inc. - bmi

Anxious thoughts, filter through the haze
His mind's confused and he just can't find his way, yeah
He knows he just can't fake it, how will he ever make it
His life before him to unfold

Tonite's the night, tonite's the night
Tonite's the night he'll go out and find a way
Tonite, tonite's the night
Tonite, tonite

Livin' his own life, makin' his own plans
Followin' his dreams, bein' his own man
Livin' his way, livin' his way
Livin' his way, livin' his way
Livin' his own way, own way, own way

His life before him, shadows disappear
Usually cloudy, is morning, thoughts are clear, yeah
He knows he'd never take it, how could he ever fake it
All of his worries disappear

Tonite's the night, tonite's the night
Tonite's the night he'll go out and find a way
Tonite, tonite, tonite, tonite, tonite

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