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Artist: Arabian Prince
Song Title: Get On Up
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Rollin, everybody dance with the soul and

I'm the man with the mic and I'm controlin the floor

Givin you more and there's more in store

As I take this party to the encore

Higher, hot like fire

Everybody wet with the sweat cause it makes you perspire

Drippin, but nobody's slippin

The beat is hittin and yo...I ain't trippin

I know how to make you flow from the intro

With the wave of your hand and then say "ho"

Everybody off the wall

Get invloved...

Your problem's solved

I'm here to make you quit it if you ain't here to dance

Then take this chance and get out of here

This is for the real party people so you know what's up

It's time to dance so get on up

[Chorus:] Get-get-get-get on up...get get on up (x4)

Movin, gettin with the groovin

Everybody dance cause the song's improvin

If you can't dance rock your head to the beat

Throw your hands in the air... 'til you feel weak

Yeah then you shake it, 'til you can't take it

If you get tired move around and fake it

And stop....and do a dance or two

So everybody in the place can get wild

With to the program, this is a show-jam

Ask me to stop, and I'll say "no ma'am"

Tell the DJ to turn it up a little louder

Make the crowd and party people take a shower

And the music, I can use it

Make you wanna go and jump through this

And get busy...cause I know what's up

Everybody in the place you gotta get on up


Yo, maxin, nah no time for relaxin

Just get into the floor instead of waxin, the sound

No time to sit down...

You have to get up so you can get down

Let yourself go, get into the flow

As Arab makes this a hype show

From intro to intro you know

That the size of the crowd will grow, large

That's the kinda life I'm livin

That's why I try to keep givin

Something new for you to try to dance to

Work your body 'til the song is through

Just flex it all the way up to the exit

But don't stop there cause next is the chorus

Yeah there's more of this, so you know what's up

You gotta get on up


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