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Artist: Arena Tina
Arena Tina Author
Album: Just Me (2001)
Arena Tina - Just Me Album
Song Title: Woman
Genre: Rock
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I've seen it all
I've soaked it in
I've taken breaths in world's, you've never been
I've tasted kisses
Under influence
It was beautiful, but there was no suspense
Do you know what it feels like
For a woman
When the love is right
Do you know what it's really like
When you brave the fight
And come home alive
When you're a woman
I've walked the line
I've been undermined
Put on a skirt even when it hurt, just to satisfy
'Cause I've learned to abide
Not allowed to cry
I understand, I need to be a man, just to survive
Do you know what it's really like
For a woman
When the love is right
Do you know what it's really like
When you brave the fight
And come home alive
When you're a woman
I can change your world
I can give you life
I can sing you lullaby's at night
I can see your eyes
Before they flicker blind
I can rescue you in the nick of time
Oh, don't you know,
What it feels like, For a woman
When the love is right
Do you know, what it's really like
When you brave the fight
And come home alive
Yes, I'm a woman
I'm a woman

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