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Artist: Arise
Arise Author
Album: Kings Of The Cloned Generation (2003)
Arise - Kings Of The Cloned Generation Album
Song Title: Strangled Love
Genre: Metal
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Fake comfort, the devastating kiss of death,
fake love, bitten by the deadliest snake.
Broken hope, you played me like a marionette, crushed dreams, I've been
sleeping with a queen from hell.
Solar eclipse, to blind to see what had yet to come, a needelsharp lie, you
pinned my heatt full of holes, full of holes.

Chorus; Strangled love, in the distance you fade away,
strangled love, you fire your gun at my face.

Cold sweat, another sleepless night, waiting,
maybe this will pay a reward.
Rewind and erase, I wish that I could start again, facing forwards, but all
I see is the end.

[Chorus x3]
Strangled love, in the distance you fade away,
strangled love, you fire your gun at my face.

My... life in pieces, I cut myself on the remains, guilt... for what I have
not and what I could have done.

[Chorus x2]
Strangled love, in the distance you fade away,
strangled love, you fire your gun at my face.
Strangled love... Strangled love... Strangled love...

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