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Artist: Arkhon Infaustus
Arkhon Infaustus Author
Album: Filth Catalyst (2003)
Arkhon Infaustus - Filth Catalyst Album
Song Title: Ravaging The Nine Pillars
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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Heretic laughters in distorted senses shred the world in thunderous sounds

Enslaved to the religious bitch from inside cursing all with equal hate

The Devil's kiss before I die to the great sacrament of the Grand Teneh

Rising from the deathlike slumber with pain amid the voices that mean nothing

But reversed words from the womb engraved reeking putrid semen elevation toward the light

The limpid blood of the surrounding stream frees the lumbs enforced with filth

Faeces open deformed visions of reality forever dwelling before morality

Desecrated lineage of vision, penance through senses

The rape that no one fears wastes the essence of sin

The veil of the widow is a cum sudarium

Desecrated lineage of vision, penance through senses

Prophets of vain sights gave relies to all the cross shaded birth of the replica

Holy of holies, rising of kings, greedy of sins, killing and raping

Sado-repentance of the ghastly bitch, and there I stand relieved from purgatory

The brimstone smell fills my lung and the sea gave up the dead

The mocking wrath of the prophets vomiting steel to crush nations

Laseive angels covering the walls, I am the flesh, I am the church of Hell

Apostles mystifying verses load cum into baptismal waters carried by addicted angels

To an heroin cult of relics and idols, symbols to themselves of Baphomet

And I am legion, taking the throne usurped by lethargy divine

Gehenna stands and all will follow to the everlasting laws of the whore womb

From the blood of Ahaziah we mock the Lord that once was

Hosanna Sathanas, I bring the humiliation of Christ

Sheol blessed forehead, I am the abomination of God

The infection iniquity of the ten have raised me from ghost to God

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