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Artist: Armor For Sleep
Armor For Sleep Author
Album: What To Do When You Are Dead (2005)
Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead Album
Song Title: A Quick Little Fight
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Now I?m just spacing out again

If I try hard enough I?ll pretend

That I?m flying above some trees

And they?re smiling and waving at me

With the clouds on my back I can see

All the people down there fast asleep

Now I see your house far, far below

So I?ll fly down and give you a show

Can you see me through your bedroom window?

Are you waking up your friends to watch with you?

Can you see me at all?

Can you see me at all?

Can you see me through your bedroom window?

Are you waking up your friends to watch with you?

Can you see me at all?

Can you see me at all?

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