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Artist: Armored Saint
Armored Saint Author
Album: March Of The Saint (1984)
Armored Saint - March Of The Saint Album
Song Title: Take A Turn
Genre: Metal
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Hear her words
Whispers on the shore
Blinded by a haze, in a daze
I pick myself off the ground,
I know the words i speak, could enter
Your mind when you sleep
Then the act is done,
I just wait for the outcome

Take a turn with me,
Can you feel the force
Wo-oh, wo-oh
Setting the course

On and on the
Days go by,
Still i hear
No reply
Then i start
To wonder if
My aim was a lie

Then she comes to me
Without a word, without a sign
Just let your passion flow,
And let me know
What's on your mind

Take a turn with me,
Can you feel the force
Wo-oh, wo-oh
Setting the course

I didn't mean to make you uptight
Just had to make sure it felt right

Save your words, take a turn with me
Save your words, take a turn with me

With all my thirst, i didn't even get my money's worth

Turn from me

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