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Artist: Arsis
Arsis Author
Album: A Celebration Of Guilt (2004)
Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt Album
Song Title: Worship Depraved
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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Stained by the wine
A celebration guilt in ordinary time
Profaneness enshrine, the abode of the blessed
Abode of the blessed
And we shall be the bearers
Of the untainted dead
Darkness, that descends for all time

Let Mary sleep forever
Sordid dreams of lust be bound
Once faithful followers scream
"Set Barabbas free!"

The chilling chants of the carcass choir
Rosaries inverted and strung upon the razor wire
Scream out, and proudly wear the mark
We, the bearers of the untainted dark

So stain the cloth forever
Sordid dreams of lust be bound
Commence the ceremony
For at dusk we shall worship depraved

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