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Artist: Arsonists
Arsonists Author
Album: Date of Birth (2001)
Arsonists - Date of Birth Album
Song Title: Alive
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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[Chorus: Swel]
You can't kill the wise
We gon be here in your children's eyes
And your children's children's children's eyes
We was built to rise and we will survive

[Verse One: Swel Boogie]
Who's gettin shitted on?
Who's gettin shitted on?
Who's the next motherfucker to get shitted on?
'Cause if that nigga is me, then we gon get it on
Don't even smile in my face if we don't get along
Yeah that's right, I sound foul (so?)
And maybe even sound bocus, but focus
just notice that I know how it feels to be hopeless
and homeless
But it ain't about hard times
Everybody goes through a struggle that makes ya mind craze
and you thinkin who's above you
but I get up, I don't stay down
I got lot of shit to climb, get with the time
You shit on me? That's fine
I'm at the finish line, now you behind
We in the race and I'm droppin your horse
Everything down my road is an obsticle course
And one by one I see 'em go down
and I'm sweatin to win
Who's goin get the gold
I see the fool is bettin, it's him
So now we're toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye
Will you survive?
My crew will strive, we clever why
We never die
It's true we rise

(Chorus 2x)

[Verse Two: Jise One]
We stranded on jungles of concrete
Primal fear scuffing my feet
where paper scuffle spear head pens
And rhymes is good to eat
Where two species of snake meet ground
Pound instinct, swamp walkin a leech
a street parasite wedging my soul to heat
Machetero, puro latino
hybrid with hyena
Laugh it off scraping the blood sucka off
Racing a cheetah
key to the world
I walk, I talk in my step
Guerilla suited and fitted who chalk

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