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Artist: Arsonists
Arsonists Author
Album: As the World Burns (1999)
Arsonists - As the World Burns Album
Song Title: Pyromaniax
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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phone ringing....
little girl:Monkey, where you at monkey??

And what, rappers wanna bring it to me
Oh, you the nicest M.C. (so so so so so)
And what, yeah we known to blow up the spot
Pyromaniax burning, blazing hot

Why would you wanna challenge a guy like me, if you not clever (come on)
Dirtier than prostitutes sweating in hot weather
Load the spot better, than you ever will in your life
Wanna kill and get trife, go ahead i'm just gone chill with your wife
The only one that'll get you in a cyph and flex style
So the next child that try to front then, I'ma pull your x-files
That been, hidden for years, and released when i came
Mics burn when i flame, forever remain with my name
Deliver high pain like migraine headaches and all
You got the nerve to stand before me, pretend you were bald
Must be pathetic to brawl, with a M.C. lord, holding a sword
I'ma a human microphone and my lyrics the vocal cord

You's a fisher price king only eligible to battle
Saddle ????
Who are you to hassle, the epidemy of master tackle
Buck forty nine plus tax to the max, corrision shample
Atista Gamble, don't tangle with hard to handle
Beats lyrical warfare up the river paddle your tackle
Gotta a neon shadow, but still confusing like a pharoah
????split through travels i unravel


Now has led you would have it, my microphone grab habit
Excels over the plab attics, have 'em like (dag nam it)
They pissed off, like missing the toilet
They plans are foiled, like there wrapped in tin paper
Burned like skin scrapper, the top kid i'll take ya
I'm type nice, so think twice, before you hold the device
Lyrics shot are precise, had you blind like three mice
Me shise, must

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