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Artist: Arsonists
Arsonists Author
Album: Date of Birth (2001)
Arsonists - Date of Birth Album
Song Title: Respect the Unexpected
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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[Intro: DJ Spin One cuts]

"'spect the unexpected" -> Method Man

[Chorus: Q-Unique]

Respect the unexpected

Press play to my cassette when yours gets ejected

This money in this rap got some brothers livin' hectic

Distracted while they acted I snuck in undetected

Quaternarys connected


Respect the unexpected

Press play to my cassette when yours gets ejected

This money in this rap got some sisters gettin' naked

Distracted while they acted I snuck in undetected

Quaternarys connected

[Verse One: Jise One]

Expect that I selected molested rhymes aggressive

Impetiuos notebook medic couldn't reconstruct the relic

Simplistical explanation for me to rock the mic

Incredible, incombatible, speak in parables like neophytes

Coincide tight with might of urban joust

Gladiator, illiminator and every day common incinirator

Perpetraders get tapered zoned to fire frequency

Blessed by predecessors so I've grown to mass fluidity

Vast impurities get flushed in lavatories

Minority flashy stories don't cut the chase it lures me

Poor me! Because I used to be a thug

I should've elaborated produced rotation bugs

[Verse Two: Q-Unique]

I close the open mic and lock it with key elements of everlasting phrases

It's the way I flow with grace that amazes

All praises due to Q who do true

You don't, cannot, shouldn't you

The little engine that couldn't

Me the stop that wouldn't

You concerned with material

Me the rebel allie to crush the imperial, burnin' down your ministerial

You the 15-minutes-of-fame rap act

Me the heavy handed MC to smack track

You the Mr. trapped-by-wack-contract

Me the black flag to kill on contact

You the dead roach, me the head coach

You player ready for retirement

Me better for the environment

You better think, me better ink

Get her any wetter than a sink, brother let her drink


[Verse Three: Jise One]

Watch me give it a shrug, I rather fondle impairment

Awareness leaving the bareness of my culture stand in arraignment

I'm level basement incarcerated tracks to my advanced

Romance dig in your earlobe enhanced rivoting soul stance

Every day's my last chance, tranquilizing the present

Utilizing the past the future sharpened reception

No acceptance applicants, never extradited wackness

Practice malice inbalance, don't silence my code of challenge

[Verse Four: Q-Unique]

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want to contaminate

Nah.. none of that, I'm stickin' well within my habitat

Got the hip for all the hops, bottom out until the top of the top tip hits with grit shit

Then I'ma shift into high gear, my year, every year

Let me hear someone near cheer

Q blaze that and I'ma lose it like a needle in a haystack

and payback like installment plans my fist twist unlisted lines

You can't call it man, my pen ink.. amazes the page with engraved phrases

and raise to "hey" stages and put an end to the weak/week like paid wages

You left behind ass crack

I bounced from ASCAP and linked with BMI

'cause a brothers mind's incredible, now you seeing why..

Q get the "Unique" definition, the one in the preminition

said to lead the underground into victory over the evil industry

Fade outs and rollin' credits couldn't finish me

Never mind fine wines, I speak prime lines to my kinds

Deadin' the 100 watt spotlight with 1000 drop mind shines


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