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Artist: Arsonists
Arsonists Author
Album: Date of Birth (2001)
Arsonists - Date of Birth Album
Song Title: Space Junk
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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"Invasion by creatures from space confirmed

New York City may be the next objective"

[Jise One]

It's the four season apparel stand guard double a triscar

Bi-charred inferno by far the weapon used to spar

Too many SQUADS to boil my temper's soul

Console my wretched side every time my lyrics' exposed

I lived the life of moles, underground in sync with Earth

The birth of my asylum exploit divert my excerpt

for what it's worth, I can't stand this ball of dirt

Insert flirt to rhythm juggs, booty bangin the word surf

Buji tanning berserk nerf, echo hollow the pocket hirsch

Nurse the purse from singin in thirst, searching the outskirts

The shit hurt when my tears burst for late rent, bent curse

It lurks turf, broke, ain't trying to get worst

[Kinetic NRG]

Militant mercenary chief mechanic antics manage navigating falcons in the Y2K

Han Solo toucher laugh it up dickface

Took ol' girl on a joy ride faded off Obi Won and crashed into the Death Star's remains

Tapped the right side of my heart twice entering the faculties

State of the Art SS Enterprise coordinates North Star

Last wednesday Worf traded a communicator for a blaster laser

While palming the ass of you wife Leah talking dirty alpha-beta

Teamed up and double penetrated her, she called my Shlong Vader

Swallow for daddy baby I'm a proud father

Twisted her bubble yum flooded her gums with cum that dripped down to her garter

Data filming from the closet made her come harder

Sold a million copies to Jabba

Discussing business over Java

Ended up moving each unit for 80 dollars

Drove off in a space Impala

Watching EPs of Buck Rogers

Chewbacca knocka rocks for the brolic hip-hoppas

Facin their dramas follow these orders

[Chorus: Jise One]

We on express trains to funk

Here something that you should bump

Space junk

I got ya ears crunk up (Makin 'em jump jump!)

Got ladies shaking they ass

My niggas gettin 'em drunk you brick game

We ASF, we shoot dunks (Makin 'em jump jump!)

[Jise One]

I stand in the ring, archangels me and myself

Stealth vocal local legitimize word melt, the way that I felt

Shelf the agonizing bad half, you trash

Wrath taking over the world, but I'm glad

Sit back and laugh (haaah)

I bleed smoke through my nostril, rugged apostle

Make it impossible for you to return, rhymes are obstacles

I piss icicles, sub-zero blood in my veins

Raising caine sprinkled with novacaine heartaches and pains

[Kinetic NRG]

I fried my brain smoking klingon strange with Worf and Bubba Fett

Engage in danger room sequence forty eight sparrin' in holodecks

When bored I download dirty holographic porn from the Internet

Dot com slippery when wet it's the biggest threat to real live sex

My cryptic axe left a bloody sketch on the walls of her vortex

Robo snatch chips attached emulate plasma splash

Tap that ass with a force of a backdraft so do the math

Rather be disease free chewy than loaded with ticks and fleas

Wookie please, I'm on jacks with C3PO's speaking Japanese

Moshie mosh travel talk, which galaxy smokes the best trees?

Between you and me, I could care less about wack MCs

Rather be part of dynasties, snatching titles of New York Kings

(Chorus 2x)

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