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Album: Lumo (1997)
As Divine Grace - Lumo Album
Artist: As Divine Grace
Song Title: Rosy Tale
Genre: Metal: Doom
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I'm fading with sunset
I swing in rosy swing
Velvety petals touch my cheeks and I feel
Smooth caress
Claws of flowers enthral my soul

I'm fading with sunset
This rosy spell eclipse poet of heaven
Eventide has come, has come

I impore the eternity in my hollow shell
Would I see the dawn ever again
Who is this maid with wings

This velvety caress of roses
Can burn your frail wings
Peel me out from this spell

I'm fading with sunset
I recite heavenly poems
I'm fading with sunset
I swing in rosy swing
Velvety caress of roses

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