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Artist: As It Stands
Song Title: Moving On
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Since I've talked to you you're always on my mind it's like I've got a new best friend and I can't think of anything I'd rather do.

Backing out because you've walked away backing out because it's hard to say words like that tend to bother me.
You know I want to kiss you but I cannot find the time you know I want to miss you but your not mine.

I'm losing my mind what would I say to you? I don't even know your name and if I tried what would you say to me? I don't even know your name but Id really like to know.

Although I'm in despair I saw you standing there that's when I started to stare I couldn't hold out longer than I needed to

I'm losing my mind

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    Don't know what to say Now that I'm on my own way, don't know how I should feel anymore..."

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