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Album: Sleepless Remorse (1996)
Ashen Mortality - Sleepless Remorse Album
Artist: Ashen Mortality
Song Title: Imprisoned
Genre: Metal: Doom
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Impossible to know how it feels inside
Imprisoned within emptiness believing lies
All alone I still believed the truth God knows
I fail again through constant pressure
Within my mind the madness grows

In this darkness a room is a prison cell
Existing here without hope in a personal hell

In this prison cell

Aware of true potential but to have no way
Of fulfilling all these dreams now ripped up thrown away
Not to seek for symapathy but just to live
Is this another wasted day
I have no plans nothing to give

In this darkness a room is a prison cell
Existing here without hope in a personal hell

In this prison cell

Falling to the floor what have I become
Staring through resticting walls has depression won
Looking back to years long gone when hope was there
Is this the way for everyone
Or for a few is life unfair

In this darkness a room is a prison cell
Existing here without hope in a personal hell

In this prison cell

Stay with me until I see an end to the madness
I pray to thee for I can see
The four walls closing in
Stay with me until I see an end to this cold sadness
Oh be near me one day I know I'll see
The four walls falling down

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