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Artist: Assassin
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Song Title: The Light
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It's a silent hour
1 O'Clock to be presise
The radio is low
Outside is cold as ice
I spark a cigarette
It illuminates the room
And sleeping peacefully beside me
Is the girl i'll marry soon

Up until late 96
things past but nothing straight
I'd always had the chance
But i'd always been to late
Now i'm taking off on a flight to wonderland
Love was a taboo i could never understand

She Brings The Light To Me
When I Close My Eyes
Her Smile Is All I See
No Way I'll Waste Her Love
It's The Real Thing Tonight
She Brings The Light

I'm on the outside looking in
Snakes eyes to be presise
If you want to take a gamble
Be my guest
Throw the dice
But i've smoked my cigarette
The illumination leaves the room
And sleeping peacfully beside me
Is the girl i'll marry soon

Written by: Finbarr Regan (While His Princess Slept)
Vocals By : Finbarr Regan
Performed By Finbarr Regan And Neville Campbell Barker..
copyright 1997

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