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Artist: Assemblage 23
Assemblage 23 Author
Album: Storm (2004)
Assemblage 23 - Storm Album
Song Title: Human
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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There have been times throughout my life
When I fell so far
I thought I'd never stand again
I watched my dreams depart

These aberrations had their place
In the grand design
But it's unnatural to feel
So bitter and resigned

Forgive me my mistakes
I'm only human
I bleed just like you
From time to time
So why can't I convince you
I'll be fine?

Ignore the writing on the wall
It just decorates
A place that I have lived so long:
Delusion's vast estates
There's nothing sinister at all
Gnawing at my soul
But these confessions that I give
Help me feel in control

Forgive me my mistakes
I'm only human
I bleed just like you
From time to time
So why can't I convince you
I'll be fine?

No absolution comes for free
And it never will
And those among us without sin
Are even rarer still

If imperfection is the lens
That you see me through
Don't be surprised if someday soon
That lens stares back at you

Forgive me my mistakes
I'm only human
I bleed just like you
From time to time
So why can't I convince you
I'll be fine?

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