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Artist: Assemblage 23
Assemblage 23 Author
Album: Contempt (1999)
Assemblage 23 - Contempt Album
Song Title: Never Forgive
Genre: Rock: Electronic
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It never felt so real
Never so visceral
But now it's all too clear
And all too typical

You're left with nothing
And it's all your fault
Relations cease
And emotions halt

Did you think the things you said
Wouldn't get back to me?
That I'd fall and disperse
Beneath you misery

I won't waste my time
You can suffer alone
Crying your shrill litany
In endless drones

Rain down
Tears of regret
You haven't seen the worst of it yet
Your name
A foul epithet
Never forgive... never forget

I offered you something
You can never regain
But now all I can offer you
is total disdain

And this is how you pay me back
for all those times
I listened to you
and forgave all your crimes

If lies about me
Are the best you can do
I guess I must've
Overestimated you

Paint cruelty on me
But its all the same
No one believes someone
In your mindframe


The light of day
Was never kind to you
But the darkness is worse
When the day is through

Time to reflect
On all your misdeeds
And sob your sorry self
To sleep


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