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Artist: Assorted Jellybeans
Song Title: Assorted Jelly Beans
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had an idea years ago
asked my friends and they said yo!
so-called friends come and go
ask us to conform and we'll say no!
thought about my life
thought about what it means
the future looked like such a blur
couldn't see past everyone's schemes
some call us weird, others call us freaks
it doesn't matter if we're cool or if we're geeks
and that's because we're the assorted jelly beans
we don't like people that are mean
fuck you and you're narrow mind
it's our turn and it's our time!
assorted jelly beans!
looking at a negative world
looking with positive eyes
stop the violence
stop the hate
no more bastards, no more lies
you say you're trying to change your life
start by not stabbing me with that knife
fuck the moral majority
we'll be what we want to be
don't try so hard to fit you're religion
be yourself and let your life begin.

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