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Artist: Astaroth
Astaroth Author
Song Title: Enter The Darksite Of Eden
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As I enter tonight - in dark obscure dreams

Of enigmatic lights - in atmospheres supreme

Lost in mourning skies - Heaven is far beyond

Interventional demise - the essence of Meggido's dominion

Innocence is my pure conception

Of esoteric dark damnation

I'm unseen in grotesque spectrums

Arrival of the final constellation

Desire is my unknown name - return to pleasure complete in pain


In silence we can hear - your crimson overtures

Whispering destruction storms - once again come forth

Beyond all shadows (you shall) burn - beyond eternity you fade

Cosmic whittered souls - into violent spectral dimensions

The last voyage starts (For those we hate)

Ass immortal passages pasts (Aura of the unforgiven)

Ancient secrets bleed (Frozen ornaments) -

In silent romantic memories

A forsaken breath I feel (On liquid soil)

In Heaven and in space (My kaleidoscope)

Fragments fall on earth (Sculptured jealous tears) -

Spiritual, monumental storms to uiverse

Enter with me the darkside of Eden -

Ignoring the mourning stars

Enter with me the darkside of Eden -

Introducing (spiritual) other sides

Into dreams of illusional ecstasy -

Endless energy unleashed jealous apathy

Supremed illusions, seduced dreaming hearts

Brilliant astral peace, velvet obscure eden

This is a dream of Gods' creation - Forced Angels

Take my hand, I'll show you Heaven

Their peace is only spawned illusion - Forced Angels

Take my hand, I'll show you Heaven

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