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Artist: Astrofaes
Astrofaes Author
Album: Ancestors' Shadows (2002)
Astrofaes - Ancestors
Song Title: Immortality Reached Fire
Genre: Metal
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Black forest tops has minged with the skies, and only grass trembling scarcely

West gleams with the scarlet afterglow, birds and animals are quiet with fear

Every sound has faded suddenly, no any rustle to hear

Earth's hands has touched to the strings, celestial lyre has uttered a moan

The sounds of beyond is singing now, severe fire burns my soul

The heart is all in sick, the heart is like dried away

River of fire runs through my veins, tears has dried upon the dull glance

The speech has froze on the cold lips, let the heaven's vaults do blast with thunder

The flame alive, burn the abyss!

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