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Artist: Aswad
Song Title: African Children Part II
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African children you just keep on growing
Your brothers sisters have set the foundation
It's up to you now to do the rest
Know who you are as a people one people
Jah people know who we are as a people
One people Jah people
United by our African ancestors
We are united now in the conditions in which we live
We are united now in the knowledge
Africa cannot be free untill all means for full human development
are available to all Africans
African children just keep on growing
Eat what your mother give to you 'cause it
will make you big and strong
And don't you screw don't you screw like no real baddy boo
Him who play with the gun one day the trigger he'll pull it I say
Now that violencecovers the whole widw world
And tears that are shed are like the sea of this world
We've often talked about it
No longer can we joke about it
Time to let Jah be the guide for every African
Now I don't want you with no slave mentality
Can't you see little ones that is just oppressor ideology
Cast all thoughts of revenge from your mind
This little struggle that we're fighting in
Is the liberation of all Africans
Whoa whoa whoa Jah know we'll win
Saying the truth it is never a sin
Just show love mankind must win
Must win must win through the day

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